Kirtan – Mantra Meditation

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kirtan, mantras, meditación con mantras, meditation, Kirtan is one of the most powerful practices of an ancient form of yoga known as bhakti, the yoga of devotion, or the yoga of unconditional love.

Bhakti-yoga uses mantras for meditation. Mantras are sacred sounds that were given by sages and yogis of ancient India. The mantras were revealed to them while they were absorbed in a state of deep meditation. The word mantra in Sanskrit means, “what liberates the mind”.

Mantras are spiritual sounds. They act on the level of the soul, going through the layers of the physical body, the mind and the false ego and directly touch the soul. Mantras free the mind by connecting you directly with the deepest emotions of your heart.

There are various forms of meditation with mantras. They can be chanted mentally or with soft voice, but in kirtan we sing mantras with beautiful melodies accompanied by various musical instruments.

In a kirtan you should listen not only with the ears, but perceive the present moment with your whole being, opening your heart and allowing yourself to be invaded by all the sensations, breathing in the sound, and impregnating yourself with its essence.

It is an experience of love and joy. It revives the soul, since feeling love and joy is the very nature of the soul. Undoubtedly you must experience this on your own to really know what kirtan is. Vrindayoga offers you the opportunity to enjoy kirtan in its classes, retreats, and in different events.


Here you can find information about our kirtan workshops and events.

Listen to some kirtans here.



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